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Below you'll find a number of different options for supervision, training, or skills based learning as well as apprenticeship programs for SEP's, coaches, therapists, doctors, and other helping professionals.


Are you a coach, trauma therapist, doctor, body worker, or Somatic Experiencing Practitioner?

Case Review, Supervision Support, Individual Mentorship

Undo the aloneness and isolation of private practice and challenging work: receive support and encouragement in your own growth as a practitioner. I am known most for the ways that I integrate body based somatic oriented techniques with attachment informed psychological processing (see models and methods below).

There are many ways that I offer support.

  • Purchase a series of Coaching sessions for Mentorship: 3 months for $1,050 includes 2 sessions month
  • Purchase group or individual Case Supervision: view supervision options
  • Purchase on-going weekly support at $200 per session
  • Purchase Master Classes and Meditations: view Master Classes and Meditations
  • Practitioners Intensive Deep Dive Retreat: this covers integration of various methods for the individual practitioner (view Deep Dive Retreat details)

What do we cover in these kinds of supportive sessions?

  • Review clinical skills from the Somatic Body Based Models: SE and Sensorimotor, TEB, SSP, Polyvagal theory
  • Integrate greater understanding of Parts work from IFS and Janina Fisher
  • Expand your tools for the creative process by integrating playful exercises to illustrate a client’s experiential learning.
  • Expand your own window of tolerance and regulate your own nervous system as you work with the complex cases of highly charged clients. Deepen
    your practice of the Wakeful Witness and Sensory Attunement or Co-Regulation
  • Learn and understand how your own attachment style may be activated in your clinical work. How to dance with the projections, transference and “coupled” material
  • Learn how to maintain boundaries while you use your relationship with clients as part of the therapeutic healing process

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Monthly group consultations

Join a group of peers to discuss current cases. All meetings held on Zoom

Meet monthly with your peers to explore the incorporation of somatic techniques, refine your skills, process client cases, and more.

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Are you an educator, helping professional, or individual interested in deepening your awareness of trauma physiology?

Would you like to build the skills necessary for your work with clients who have a history of trauma?

Trauma and Somatics is a comprehensive polyvagal informed somatic based practitioner training program that is specifically designed for you.

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